Design Philosophy

Makerble is different to much of the other corporate and business software out there. Here’s why and how we approach interface design the way we do.

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  • At the heart of Makerble is the promise of Ease of Use. We have made it easy for you to do the everyday things you need to do when working in an organisation: maintaining secure records of your clients and generating reports when you need to. So whether you have paid teams or armies of volunteers, everyone will be able to login, access the people allocated to them and do what they need to do.

  • Performance matters. Impact matters. That’s why we have made it easy to show the progress towards impact that is happening across each of your clients, customers, beneficiaries, participants, patients, pupils and case loads.

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  • Our product team is on a mission to make everything within our product range customisable. You can customise your own metrics, outcomes, outputs, strategies, theories of change, fields, surveys, registration forms and more.

  • Manage your customisations from the settings page and see the custom elements you’re using from your Organisation’s Library.

  • Reflect your internal hierarchies and programme structures with Organisation Bundles and Personal Bundles which allow people to group projects in the way that suits them without affecting the overall system architecture.

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  • The world is accelerating towards the cloud, collaboration and connectivity. Makerble has been designed with these in mind. The interface looks and feels like a social network so that your teams find using it to be a familiar experience.

  • Data within Makerble has powerful privacy controls and customisable sharing tools. This means that if you are a charity, you can allow funders, commissioners and donors to view your impact dashboards directly without you needing to generate and send reports. Data is automatically summarised and anonymised so that you aren’t compromising sensitive information.

  • Notifications and Recommendations are baked inside Makerble meaning that whether you want to discover good practice or be reminded of an outstanding task, our products are able to give you the guidance you need to get your job done well.



  • We’ve designed Makerble to get serious work done without creating an interface that takes itself too seriously

  • Therefore expect pragmatic injections of colour, motivating progress bars and human notifications which make work feel less like hard work whilst nevertheless boosting productivity and morale

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