Allow technology to streamline the way you change the world

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Case Management

  • Every person, animal or article you work with has its own participant record 
  • Manage who has access to which participants. GDPR compliance built-in
  • Record data for anonymous participants whenever you need to
  • See the progress for each participant in one place whether that is across multiple cases, services, projects or campaigns
  • Generate reports showing the current status of all your participants
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Track project progress

  • Set goals and deadlines for your projects
  • See colour changes in progress bars when projects fall behind schedule
  • Assign colleagues to different projects
  • Generate reports of project progress
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Prove your impact

  • Create your own outcomes, indicators, outputs and theories of change
  • Browse our existing library whenever you need inspiration
  • See a live dashboard of progress towards your theory of change
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous evaluation within your organisation: enable colleagues to share pieces of expertise related to specific outcomes and demographic groups
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  • Import your historical data so that you have all your records past and present on one system for easier reporting
  • Makerble is built on code which is continuously updated which means the system is always up to date
  • Make use of Makerble's APIs and Integrations which enable you to connect your Makerble account to other pieces of software


Meet the associate consultants available to support you with setup

Our Client Services team will help you assess where you are on your Impact Journey and decide which of our associate consultants is best placed to support your organisation with Setup Support