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Technology to run your programmes, reflect on progress and report your impact

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Impact Apps Pro combines the best of the standalone Makerble Apps and gives you the flexibility to create your own bespoke, fit-for-purpose platform for monitoring and evaluation

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Some of the sectors Impact Apps Pro is used in

Adaptive Development

Housing: Community Development

Children and Young People

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Data collection tools you can customise

Create surveys and registration forms. Collect data about the contacts in your database as well as anonymous respondents.

Impact Apps Pro is a cloud-based evaluation platform. It gives you the power of a database wrapped in the familiar design of a social media tool.

Dashboards for every programme, survey and funder

Create logic model templates you can reuse for each of your programmes. Build an organisation library of surveys, outcomes, outputs and indicators. Add reporting dashboards for each of your funders to make quarterly submissions easier than ever.

Integrate with your existing software

Plug in to your existing accounting software. Import spreadsheets you already use. Send data to your Makerble account. Export data from your Makerble account.

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We understand technology and we understand evaluation. We can work with you to create a solution that meets your internal and external reporting requirements whilst giving you the ability to streamline your data collection and analysis processes.

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