Gamification modules that sustain user engagement

When you are trying to change human behaviour, it is essential to sustain people’s engagement. Makerble is a powerful gamification platform which enables you to uses both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations to keep people engaged with the change you want them to make.


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  • Use progress bars for every goal a person is working on.

  • Track new skills being embedded

  • Or progress towards an outcome

  • Makerble gives you and your colleagues visibility of the current status.


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  • Add strategies for achieving different outcomes and skills

  • Create tips that give people context-specific guidance on how to overcome particular hurdles

  • Activate reminders that are triggered when falling behind


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  • People follow each other and see their progress in the newsfeed

  • People support each other with Likes and Comments

  • Friendly competition spurs people to improve

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Unlock the power of gamification within your organisation

  • Gamification gets its name from gaming because we apply ‘game dynamics’ to the way you people to achieve their objectives.

  • Game dynamics are principles taken from the world of gaming, which is the most popular form of entertainment (Reuters).

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Matt Kepple has a background in advertising and digital marketing. He understands the potential of social platforms to drive engagement and achieve organisational goals.


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Annabel Dickson has worked with small organisations to overcome the barriers to user engagement in digital platforms. She understands the importance of starting small and helping people build confidence over time.


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Using gamification in impact monitoring

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  • Wave Trust recruited 100 volunteer ambassadors to take part in grassroots community organising.

  • There were 10 activity goals which every ambassadors could work towards.

  • Their ambassadors used Makerble to share progress and within the first couple of months Wave Trust saw a 100% increase in productivity of their ambassadors and a 50% reduction in time spent on admin.

Using gamification to change behaviour

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  • The trend in quantified self is here to stay as investment in fitness trackers, sleep trackers and health apps continues to grow.

  • People are increasingly open to using custom tools to track their progress in exchange for insights and motivation.

  • Many of these platforms also draw on a social element, enabling people to share their progress with friends.

Why Gamification Works



  • Gamification visualises a person’s progress towards a goal.

  • This in of itself is motivating because it reminds a person that their big goal is still achievable, in spite of the hurdles they might be up against.

  • It also nurtures a friendly sense of competition and accountability whereby people do not want to be seen to be falling behind.

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  • Social media is engaging, sometimes to the point of addiction.

  • Positive feedback loops such as Likes and Comments reward people for sharing content. This makes people want to share more content because it is a positive emotional experience.

  • It also builds a sense of community which is increasingly something that people are looking for online.

When it comes to changing behaviour, positive feedback loops and gamification help people build new habits