Overcoming The Challenges


Overcoming the challenges of measuring D&I

We have architected our solution to overcome the main challenges organisations face when implementing and measuring equality, diversity and inclusion programmes.

  1. Diversity Data Collection: organisations typically have incomplete datasets when it comes to the ethnicity, sexuality, religion and other attributes which make up diversity data. We know that people are either skeptical of how the data will be used or see it as an unnecessary box ticking exercise which is low down the priority list.

    • Creative Capital internal comms Campaign: We overcome this by running a staff-facing campaign that repositions diversity as a key component of the organisation’s Creative Capital.

  2. Depth & Breadth: organisations often lack clarity on who has attended which programmes and at what frequency. Feedback on how people found programmes is captured sporadically it and there is rarely any measurement of what impact the programme had on business performance.

    • Frictionless data capture: we work with you to identify the touch-points where data capture can be easily and meaningfully collected. E.g.

      • Programme attendance: staff can check-in on their phones or using an interactive tablet-based register

      • Feedback surveys: web-based polls can be used during sessions whereby staff answer a question on their phone and results are displayed live on-screen to make the sessions more interactive whilst collecting meaningful baseline data at the same time.

  3. Beyond Anecdotal: Is it really working beyond what the annual staff satisfaction survey tells us?

    • Correlating HR data against diversity data: the Creative Capital internal comms Campaign gives you rich diversity data. You can correlate this against data on Sick Days, Promotions and other HR data to see whether trends in organisational behaviour are changing over time.


Building Blocks for Inclusive Workplaces

wellbeing 2017-healthcare-image.jpg


The belief that your current performance is not you at your full potential. Believing that you and others can change.



Understanding what it takes to perform at your peak

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empathy radar.png


The ability to relate to and thrive in the company of people of different backgrounds and world views.



The ability to spot changes in other people’s wellbeing

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Being aware of our natural tendency to discriminate unintentionally and having practical tools to counteract it.



Understanding how supporting others enhances your own performance

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