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Identify the hidden barriers blocking the impact of your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programmes


Preconceptions, false expectations and negative previous experiences are just some of the barriers that prevent well-meaning programmes from achieving the attitudinal, behavioural and cultural change they were designed to. Our dashboards, surveys and data collection tools give you the insight to detect these barriers early so you can successfully overcome them and drive change forward across your organisation.

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Examples of the value we add

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You have a policy for shared parental leave and run talks explaining this.

But have you run an attitudes survey to assess the extent to which male staff believe that shared parental leave is culturally acceptable within the organisation?

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You are actively recruiting people from underrepresented groups into your organisation.

But are you measuring and developing the capabilities of your organisation to accept and understand people from underrepresented groups?

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Our Workshops

Our Change Process workshops are a way to bring your senior leaders together to think through the barriers to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.

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We cover:

  • Which habits and behaviours are required to become more diverse and inclusive?

  • What are the barriers to those happening, e.g. structural, attitudinal, misconceptions, etc?

  • What kinds of activities could overcome these barriers?


Our Team

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Matt Kepple has worked in consulting, market research and advertising. He is a strategic thinker with the draw together unifying themes from a diverse range of insights and ideas.



Annabel Dickson is able to draw on her experience as a coach, working with clients to overcome obstacles related to motivation and perseverance. Annabel has worked across a range of charitable causes from homelessness to climate change.


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