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A digital platform for Adaptive Development

We provide MERL Technology for Humanitarian Aid and International Development

Impact Apps Pro is an end-to-end reporting solution that gives you insight to continuously iterate on programme design and increase Value For Money

Impact Apps Pro works standalone or as an integration with the databases and tools you already use.

Design: Create your own logic models

Whether you use Theories of Change, Log Frames or Logic Models, you can design your programme’s data collection approach within Impact Analytics. Create your own:

  • Logic Model templates which you can reuse across different programmes

  • Outcomes with associated indicators

  • Indicators whether they are Binary, Numerical or based on Qualitative Scales

  • Surveys

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Data Collection: Offline mobile app and cloud-based web portal

The Impact Analytics Android App can be used offline to complete a variety of forms which you can design. The app automatically imports your choice of indicators from your logic model.

  • Register new beneficiaries

  • Report on indicators and activities at a group level, e.g. 30 people vaccinated

  • Report on indicators at an individual level, e.g. Joseph was vaccinated

  • Conduct surveys and scored assessments - both anonymous and assessments that are linked to individuals. Collect multiple choice responses, soundbites, videos, pictures, free text and files attachments.

Monitoring: Real-time progress based on data from anywhere

Group projects into “bundles”. Projects exist within multiple bundles so you can easily create bundles for each:

  • funder you report to

  • region you work in

  • or theme you work on

Create alerts for when progress slips behind schedule.

Proxies: Aggregate project-level metrics into portfolio-level metrics

The in-built calculator allows you to define the rules for setting proxies. Aggregate multiple indicators into one e.g. “Women rehomed”, “Men rehomed” and “Children rehomed” into “People rehomed”. You can also use it to automate your calculations of Social Return On Investment, Social Value or any other numerical value of social impact.

Reporting: Use your data to show Distance Travelled and more

Segment your results by Age, Gender, Ethnicity or any segmentation of your choosing. Impact Analytics has an inbuilt audit trail which enables you to see the original data that your results are calculated from at any time.

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Qualitative Coding: Add labels to stories, field notes and updates

  • Create your own labels

  • Share labels across colleagues or use them privately

  • Use labels to code your qualitative data, whether it’s case studies, case notes, updates or other files


Learning: Make best practice easily discoverable and directly applicable

Create a constantly updated repository of best practice which everyone on your team can contribute to, comment on and access directly within Impact Analytics.

  • Upload pieces of best practice as “Tips”: add files, resources, website links, images, videos as well as text

  • Set your own approval rules - e.g. whether Tips from staff need to be moderated before they are published

  • Tag each Tip to make it contextually relevant. Tags include:

    • Outcomes, Indicators and Activities

    • Demographic groups

    • Geographic regions

    • Any other consideration that is relevant to your work. You can create your own tags.

  • Team members can opt-in to receive notifications of new Tips published which are relevant to the indicators they themselves are working to achieve

Workflows: Integrate with other tools

Impact Analytics is a cloud-based tool with a suite of APIs which can connect to a range of data collection tools, databases, reporting tools and operational tools.

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Onboarding: A realistic approach to ensuring adoption by colleagues

As well as providing in-person training, online webinar training and a suite of training manuals, PDFs and walkthrough videos, we take a systematic approach to rolling out your digital MERL platform so that your colleagues can gradually become familiar with using a new tool.

Transparent Pricing

Pay per project per month based on organisation income. Unlimited users. Unlimited storage.

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